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Before Your First Visit:

1. Hijama is best on an empty stomach so avoid eating any heavy meals before your appointment

2. It is recommended to fast for at least two hours before your treatment but this is not a normal fast but rather a food fast, it is perfectly fine and even recomended to drink plently of fluids before your treatment.

3. If you suffer with diabetes and need to controle your sugar levels then it is recomended to eat somthing light in order to do this. If you suffer with type one diabetes please bring something sweet such as glucose tablets wit hyou incase your sugar levels do dip.

3. If you take any prescribed medication please bring details of these to show the doctor during your consultation. If you requier mediction regularly such as in the case of diabetis or asthma please bring it to your appointment.

4. Please ensure that you take any prescribed medication as usual with the exeption of pain medication which you may ommit on the day if you so desire.

5. Bring along any X-ray, MRI Scans or reports that may asist your hijama doctor during the consultation process.

6. Please bring appropriate clothing to be treated in, idealy old but clean clothing that allows the appropriate area to be treated without over exposing your body unnessesarilly.

7. If you requier treatment on the head or an overly hairy body area than please remove hair from the desired locations prior to attending your appointment as this will help the cups attach and ensure an effective treatment session.

8. If you do not speak english, have learing dificulties or are a minor please bring an appropriate translator, gardian or representitive with you to your appointent.

9. If for some reason you cannot attend your appointment or are running late please provide as much notice to the clinic staff members via telephone, email or text message (you may text the land line clinic numbers). This will ensure you do not cause inconvenience to other patients will alow somone to take your booking if we are fully booked.

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